COS Immigration Justice Efforts

COS Welcoming Immigrants Accompaniment Team Working with undocumented immigrant families to provide basic support & information, transportation to medical or legal appointments, etc. Help to represent COS at Welcoming Immigrants Faith Network Meetings (1/4ly) or AKIN meetings (monthly).

COS Volunteers for KITA (Knoxville Immigrant Transportation Assistance)

Providing support and hospitality to undocumented immigrants and families who are travelling by Greyhound bus through Knoxville after being released from detention centers on the US-Mexico border. The thing that is most needed is people who can commit to a regular time, at least once a week, or to serve as a “floater.” Training is mostly on-the-job, by shadowing current volunteers a couple of times to get the idea of what we are doing, what kinds of issues may come up, etc. If you can help to fill one of these shifts, either on a weekly basis or as a "floater", please sign up below or email Tonya Barnette with your name, contact information, and which time slot you can fill. The daily time shifts for service are:    

  • Bus #1508 — 5:30 AM 
  • Bus #1510 — 6:40 PM
  • Bus #1514 — 11:30 PM

COS LGBTQ Rights and Issues 

Work with others at COS to raise awareness and promote advocacy for LGBTQ rights and issues. Help to represent COS at TN Equality Project events and meetings.

COS Conscious Consumers and Environmental Justice

Work with members of the Conscious Consumers group at COS to raise awareness, plan activities, and promote advocacy for environmental issues. Attend COS Conscious Consumers meetings (~ 1/4ly) and get involved in events and efforts at COS (from promoting fair trade to COS Earth Week to events and efforts to address climate change, promote environmentally friendly products and lifestyles, and more.

COS Advocacy through Letter-writing

Work with others at COS to raise awareness and promote advocacy of various social justice issues by organizing an easy to use, issue-oriented, letter-writing system to legislators and other community leaders. Training will be provided.

COS Economic Justice Advocacy 

Work with others at COS, primarily through Interfaith Worker Justice of East TN, to raise awareness, plan activities, and promote advocacy of various local workers’ rights and economic justice issues. IWJ of East TN meets quarterly at COS and elsewhere.

Justice Knox

Justice Knox is an interfaith collaboration of congregations and organizations. We actively uncover injustice and mobilize our community to create just, fair & effective solutions. Through Justice Knox, congregations of diverse faith backgrounds act together in response to the biblical mandate to “do justice”. We are inspired by the work of 21 broad-based Justice Ministry organizations in other cities. Church of the Savior has been a part of this organization since it's creation. Please see this page for more information.

Serve at Minvilla Manor

COS is continuing its service to the homeless community by providing a meal to the residents of Minvilla Manor (part of Volunteer Ministry's housing development) on Sunday, March 31st. If you can provide food items or serve, please sign up on the yellow sheet on the back table. In addition, if you have travel sized soaps, shampoos, toothpaste or any hygiene products you can donate, please give them to Donna Felskie who will drop these items at the Manor when we serve dinner. Volunteer Ministry is one of the few locations offering the use of showers for the homeless.