“Practicing Mindfulness,” a workshop with physician, renowned therapist and UT Vols athletic department consultant, Dr. Clifton Tennison. You’ve probably heard of mindfulness practice. Find out exactly how and why it works, and more important, how it can work for you as a practical daily tool to: Reduce Stress, Improve Productivity and Focus, Strengthen Relationships, (both personal and professional,) Faith Practice and Enhance Health and Well-being. From day to day interactions with family and colleagues, bringing focus to athletic and creative performance, to meditation, and matters of wellness and health, this workshop shares the science/physiology, practice and benefits of mindfulness. This event is open to all . . . and useful to all.  Please invite your family, friends and colleagues

WHEN: Saturday, September 28, from 9 am to noon. Includes light continental breakfast.

WHERE: Church of the Savior, 934 N. Weisgarber Rd. Knoxville, TN 37909.

TICKETS: $30 per person and $25 for students. 

For more information, feel free to send us an email. To register, please email the church office.

Learn How to Not Act Now!

Mindfulness practices provide a bevy of benefits, including ways to reduce our stress and increase self-awareness. 


One specific positive outcome is to decrease reactive impulses by increasing the time between a stimulus and our response to the stimulus. For example, someone sensitive to criticism may interpret even neutral comments as criticism and over-react. Mindfulness can slow you down and allow you the time to see, for instance, that highly critical people may have their own issues. Mindfulness practice can slow, temper or even reject your possible response. Distancing stimulus and response can lead to more equanimity in the lives of adults and children.


Baltimore’s Holistic Life Foundation has introduced meditative yoga and breath meditation to elementary students. Ali Smith, a co-founder of the foundation, says, “It does a lot for self-regulation,” says Smith. “Kids that are really impulsive can learn to develop that pause between stimulus and reaction. Then you have the skills to realize when you’re angry, and when you feel stress arising. And you have the skills to de-escalate yourself.”
This is one of several positive mindfulness outcomes. After a breakfast for all attendees, on September 28th, 9:00 am to noon, at Church of the Savior, Dr. Clifton Tennison, a meditator since 1971, will share mindfulness meditation techniques. He will also use brain activity images to demonstrate the science behind the connection between mindfulness and wellness. Join us. 


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Brain Pictures and Wellness
I Can't Meditate
Who is Dr. Clifton Tennison, MD, and what’s on his mind about Mindfulness?
Peace Is Around the Corner . . . on September 28th.