Why should you attend Church of the Savior? Our members tell you in their own words what makes Church of the Savior so special to them.

  • Shay Boswell (1).png
    We liked that the children’s programs were small & intimate. We didn't have to explain away a lesson that clashed with our foundational Christian beliefs. When we were trying to decide if COS was where we wanted our boys to become men, those experiences affirmed that this was it. It takes a village, and this was the village that felt right, Godly, hopeful and real. The community and theology at COS align with what we believe facilitates a life living like Jesus did, which is our definition of Christianity.
  • Pat Chastain.png
    My husband & I have had a challenging year. We have started calling it a year of healing & recovery. Kindness tastes like warm white bean chicken chili after you come home from the hospital. Kindness sounds like the voice of friends calling to offer love & help. Kindness looks like a basket filled with cards that say we are standing with you & praying for you. Kindness is in the DNA of Church of the Savior. Knoxville needs COS, a community of people spreading kindness in a world that needs it so much.
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    I am what could be described as a recovering southern Baptist; I’m still trying to unwind from what felt like years of bad religion. I felt shame, I felt judged. At COS, we convey to our children and youth that they have help through rough patches, help that is not judgmental or reinforces shame they may be feeling. Rather, it is an avenue of openness, compassion, consideration, & the knowledge that they do not have to travel this path alone, & that God, Jesus, and this church community are there for them.